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What is TATAVS?

TATAVS is the Travel and Teach Abroad Verification System. We understand how vulnerable teachers can feel when they apply to work with overseas employers without having any feedback about the school. Our staff also recognizes that some employers have been found to be beneficial to teachers and add significant value to English language education. With that in mind, we have created a verification system, which gives teachers some initial feedback about who is posting the jobs on our site. Although teachers should always conduct their own research on prospective employers, we have tried to take away some of the burden.

Each of our clients is evaluated, although the evaluation process differs for schools and recruiters. Are some clients rejected? Yes, some clients are rejected. Schools that lack documentation to substantiate claims, or that fail to provide us with at least one recommendation from a teacher, would be denied access to our site.

What is the value of using TATAVS?

The value of using TATAVS is providing information to teachers to help them make good decisions regarding employment abroad.

What does TATAVS look like?

Next to every job posting, you'll see a TATAVS symbol. The meaning of each symbol is shown below:


Employer is Verified

Employer is a Recruiter

Posted by Travel & Teach Abroad

Employer is Pending Verification

How long is the "Verified" seal awarded?

The "Verified" seal is awarded for every 24 month period. Our devoted staff is charged with the responsibility of reviewing the seal every two years.

What is TATAVS claiming to have verified?

Besides providing Travel & Teach Abroad with information about accreditation and professional associations, we require schools to provide us with the name and contact information of a current teacher. Our staff will then contact these teachers and ask them to provide us with feedback about the employer, which may include, but is not limited to, the following issues:

  • Employer Reliability
  • Professionalism
  • Teaching Resources