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Preparing For An Interview

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Got an interview? Congratulations! Now it's time you prepare so that when you are faced with difficult interview questions you have already thought of some possible answers with concrete examples that support your claims. Never go into an interview unprepared! Those candidates who wing interviews typically get caught off guard by questions and get flustered. Interviewers can always tell if candidates have well prepared. Preparation on its own demonstrates that the candidate has initiative and really wants the job. This is impressive!

Want an unfair advantage over your competition? Then read the following interview guide to help you sail through your interview.

Top Five Interview Tips

  1. Don't panic if you haven't had any teaching experience outside your teaching certification practicum. You can always answer a question referring to your practicum and share some of the insights you gained through it. You may also be able to link your other employment experiences to the question.
  2. Be honest when answering all questions during the interview. If grammar is not your forte then don't speak as though it is. Organizing your thoughts and stories in advance will help make your responses more concise and truthful.
  3. Prepare your thoughts in advance. Think of answers, which clearly support your claims. Be sure the skills and strengths you highlight in your answers are directly linked to the specific job you are seeking. Ask yourself if the skills you chose to discuss in the interview prove that you can do the job well. Remember that just as in a resume and cover letter, every assertion you make should add worth and help convince the employer to hire you!
  4. Answer the questions with hard, tangible claims. Back up your claims by telling carefully thought out stories. If you have planned your stories well, the result should add value. This will build credibility.
  5. Don't use cliché statements such as "I'm a perfectionist" because this might come off as phony and make a bad impression. Making statements that are unique to you are more memorable and effective in convincing the employer to hire you.