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Pre-Registration Screening

Separating The Wheat From The Chaff

Teaching qualification verification has become an increasingly important part of the job application process. Today, more and more schools are verifying every aspect of a teacher's employment history. What's more, conscientious educators choosing to go abroad wish to have some evidence that the employers they select are reputable ones. Our professional staff recognizes that filtering the good from the bad can be a time consuming process and aims to take some of that burden from you.

Preserving integrity and maintaining high standards of language education is important to us. Therefore, both our teachers and our employers undergo easy yet advantageous pre-registration screening. By keeping the pre-screening procedure simple we have been able to devise a site that helps ensure integrity, while in no way bringing the recruitment process to a standstill. Consequently, pre-registration screenings from Travel & Teach Abroad are your source for the most professional initial employment background check on the market.

Teacher Pre-registration Screening Process:

  1. Teachers complete the on-line application with mandatory fields pertaining to teaching qualifications and credentials
  2. Teachers upload a scanned copy of their teaching qualifications
  3. Travel & Teach Abroad experts verify at least one teaching qualification
  4. Teachers who meet our minimum teaching qualification requirements are registered and given 100% access to the teacher's section of the site while those who do not will not be registered

Employer Pre-registration Screening Process:

  1. Schools & Recruiters complete an online application with mandatory fields on company contact information
  2. Schools & Recruiters upload their company logo and provide their professional website
  3. Schools list professional memberships, or accreditations
  4. Schools provide us with a current teacher's name and contact information
  5. Travel & Teach Abroad contacts the School's teacher to obtain a recommendation about the school
  6. Schools who fully complete and pass the pre-registration screening will have a "Verified" seal next to their job postings in our Job Center
  7. Recruiters will have a "Recruiter" seal next to their job postings in our Job Center