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Are you bored with the daily grind? Looking for a bit of adventure in your life? In search of inspiration? Teaching English abroad is not only one of the most recession-proof jobs available today, it's a career choice packed with thrill and excitement! Here are just a few reasons why many individuals chose to teach English overseas:

  1. To immerse themselves in fascinating cultures while gaining valuable work experience and life skills
  2. To educate by inspiring others
  3. To pay off debt
  4. To fund travel expeditions
  5. To learn a new language & skill
  6. To contribute to a community in need & make a difference
  7. To gain precious international work experience
  8. To visit an historical place

Who Teaches Abroad?

Living and working overseas is an exciting and life-altering experience, but is not always easy, nor is it for everyone. Making the decision to go abroad is a monumental one. Some people go overseas unprepared and end up feeling overwhelmed. Knowing about your strengths and shortcomings and doing a lot of research in advance can help you make the right decision.

Although there are no guarantees as to who will do well overseas, if you hold some of the following attributes, you are more likely to be content with your decision:

  • You are flexible
  • You adapt easily to new situations
  • You enjoy unfamiliar situations
  • You work well with people
  • You are independent
  • You are resourceful
  • You are healthy
  • You are a person of integrity
  • You are often willing to compromise
  • You have a good sense of humour

At the very least, for a positive and rewarding teaching experience abroad, you should be in good physical health, be willing to compromise, enjoy teaching others, be eager to learn about another culture, have a love of travel and be resourceful and adaptable.

Why get certified?

How would you convey the meaning of "too many" and "too much" to a language learner? How would you describe the difference between "I went to Paris" and "I've been to Paris"? The idea that just because someone can speak a language that they can teach it effectively has long come and past. As more and more teachers around the world gain initial teaching certification, reputable schools everywhere choose to hire those teachers with good training behind them. They do, after all, owe it to their students who pay a substantial amount of money to effectively learn a language. A widely recognized teaching certificate then becomes a teacher's passport to teaching all over the world.

Arguably, an initial teaching certificate is not always needed to secure a job, but it certainly has some advantages. Short introductory courses are a teacher's gateway to successful language awareness, group facilitation, and training delivery. These courses typically equip teachers with the necessary skills to survive in the English language classroom. They also provide real teaching practice, language teaching methodologies, language analysis, and a wide variety of resources, which allow teachers to develop further. Equally important, by the end of the course, teachers have a better understanding of learning strategies, classroom management skills and are more confident that they can meet the needs of their students.

The best initial qualifications, which are widely recognized around the globe, are short courses of 120 hours, which include a teaching practicum. The most widely taken initial qualification of its kind is the Cambridge CELTA (, which will introduce you to methodologies essential to teaching adults. Another well-known teacher training course is the TESL Diploma (

There are many other programs available, but teachers who choose to invest in widely recognized initial training courses will have an advantage over other job applicants. Teacher training centers differ widely: some offer job placement assistance and will help their teachers obtain work once they have completed their training programs. Others will offer career advising and guide teachers throughout their teaching careers. Looking for a Teacher Training Center near you? Email us at and let us help you get your teaching career started!