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Travel and Teach in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers many incentives to those willing to venture into the less familiar: monumental sites, ancient ruins, spectacular coral houses, and camel caravans are only but a few of Saudi Arabia's lures. Teaching here offers a great introduction to the region and a convenient way to explore this incredible land. Saudi Arabia's extreme geography and vast expanses of desert will take your breath away! Take part in convoy trips into the desert and soak in the awesome scenery; buy locally grown dates of the highest quality; shop til you drop and get your fill of Persian carpets, interesting souvenirs and jewelry; and go scuba diving on Saudi Arabia's Red Sea coast. If you're not short on time, be sure to fit in the following iconic highlights into your trip: the Masmak Citadel, the Old Dir'aiyah, the Mountain of Light, and the Grand Mosque.

Prospects for Teachers

There has been a recent boom in the recruitment of English language teachers in Saudi Arabia. The country is slowly opening up to the west as it recognizes the need to bring up the skills of its business professionals. Traditionally, most universities and businesses were for males, which meant that these schools recruited male teachers. But most recently, there has been a surge of female universities springing up as the fastest growing segment of the Saudi Arabian population seeking post secondary education is with females. This is great news for female educators wanting to teach in Saudi. As more and more universities open their doors to women, so does the demand for female educators. Over the past couple of decades, English language professionals have been attracted to Saudi Arabia for several reasons: very competitive remuneration packages, luxurious paid accommodation, excellent shopping, and the incessant traditional Bedouin hospitality only to name a few. But educators contemplating living and working in Saudi Arabia should not simply be swayed by financial gains. Living in Saudi Arabia is not always easy for foreigners. Possible religious and cultural clashes mean that teachers must be extremely aware of which topics they are able to discuss in the classroom; alcohol is prohibited by law and nightlife is non-existent; and women must be completely covered when they leave their compounds and go in public. That being said, Saudi Arabia has a lot to offer teachers who are open-minded and willing to compromise.

Conditions of Work

Requirements A minimum of a bachelor's degree and often a master's degree and a teaching certificate are required. Some teaching experience, preferably abroad and in the Middle East are greatly desired. Teachers must be under 55 years of age to be eligible for the work permit. Please Note: As of October 2011, Saudi Immigration requires that female teachers be at least 27 years of age to qualify for the work permit, however male teachers who are younger than 27 can qualify.
Peak Hiring Season September and January
Contract Length 1 to 2 years minimum
Teaching Hours Full-time teachers can usually be expected to teach between 25 to 30+ hours a week
*Monthly Salary From 124,000 to 180,000+ Saudi rials per year depending on qualifications, experience and location
Bonus Sometimes severance pay, or a performance bonus is provided
Saving Potential Depending on spending habits, how much overtime has been worked, and if private tutoring has been undertaken, teachers can save anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000+ per month.
Airfare Provided by the employer
Accommodation Provided by the employer
Health Insurance Provided by the employer
Work Visas Employer assisted

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*Please note: wages may vary according to the fluctuation in exchange rates. For this reason, teachers should regularly monitor exchange rates, convert their foreign income into the currency of their home country, and have it transferred to their local bank accounts on a regular basis.