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Europe Overview

Experience the magic of living and travelling in Europe! There is no better way to explore so many countries with such proximity to one another than by living on the European continent. This is a continent with approximately 50 states - Russia being the largest and the Vatican City the smallest. With stunning architecture, intricate works of art, and delightful local food, music and dance, it's no wonder that millions of travellers from around the world enjoy hitting its highlights every year. Besides its abundance in must-see museums packed with breathtaking art, Europe's heritage also includes a wealth of history, phenomenal landscapes and limitless travel opportunities. Whether you call it soccer, or football, sitting in a stadium with thousands of local and visiting fans is a thrilling experience. Europe is everything you imagine it to be - and more!

Prospects for Teachers

There are thousands of English teaching opportunities in private language institutes and summer camps across Europe. Teaching General English, Younger Learners, Business English, Exam Preparation Classes, or EAP are possible to varying extents. Work and remuneration conditions will also differ widely from country to country. Although Europe does not normally offer English teachers a great saving potential (e.g. local salaries may not be as high as some places in Asia, or the Middle East), teachers can live comfortably. Usually, teachers who choose to teach in the E.U. do so for the opportunity to live in that area of the world. Although backpacking can still be popular, more and more people are turning to teaching English in order to sustain a longer stay. The already present supply of teachers from the U.K. generally means that it is best for non-E.U. teachers to be in Europe to get hired. International House has a large presence in the E.U., so the Cambridge CELTA ( is widely recognized and respected. With Central and Eastern European countries joining the E.U., an increase demand of ESL teachers has emerged in countries like Slovakia, Romania, and Hungary. For non-E.U. nationals such as Americans, Canadians, Australians, and Kiwis, a work permit will be needed. Obtaining a work visa in advance can be difficult, so applying for a Work Holiday Visa is a much simpler and effective option for non-E.U. nationals who meet the visa requirements. Anywork Anywhere ( is an informative site that gives free information about work visas. For the most reliable and current information about Work Holiday Visas, please check with the home country's consulate.

Featured Testimonial - Poland

I taught at International House Torun, Poland for one year. It was a fantastic experience, both in terms of developing as a teacher and living in a different culture. The school was extremely supportive and a great place to 'find my feet' after completing the CELTA. Observations, workshops, seminars and training days provided great opportunities for developing my teaching skills and getting fresh ideas. The staff themselves (the management, office staff, senior teachers and regular teachers) all worked together well, and I forged some great friendships with them, which I continue to have 5 years on, despite us now being scattered around the globe!

Aside from the teaching, it was great to live in a foreign country - I chose Poland because I thought it would be sufficiently different from Western Europe, but not so much of a culture shock as somewhere like the Far East. And indeed, I settled into to life there pretty quickly. Torun itself is a beautiful medieval town, with loads of interesting buildings and tons of atmospheric underground bars. The beer is excellent. It's a great place to socialise, particularly after work. The locals were generally pleasant enough - not overtly friendly, but decent people. Shop assistants have a tendency to be a bit unfriendly and unhelpful at times, but you'll soon get used to this! The money you'll earn may sound like a small amount compared to UK or USA salaries, but relative to the cost of living, you'll be able to live pretty comfortably while you're there - I used to eat out regularly. Torun's a great place to work, and I'd recommend it to anyone.

-Chris Jones, Newcastle, England