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Australasia Overview

Join the hordes of people who choose Australia and New Zealand for a gap year, or a career break. This is the dwelling of diversity: white sandy beaches, captivating turquoise inlets, pristine, green rainforests, and red desert sunsets. Connect with Aboriginals - the world's oldest living culture; surf on first class waves; dive in the breathtaking waters of marine national parks; swim with magnificent dolphins; and take refuge in limitless eco-tourism opportunities. The locals are laid-back; the indigenous people are friendly; and the wildlife is intriguing. Whether you're looking for adrenaline-pumping adventure, or relaxing white sandy beaches, Australasia promises activities to suit everyone's taste.

Prospects for Teachers

Every year, a growing number of students flock to Australia and New Zealand to study English. As a result, the number of private language institutes has surged in the area. English language professionals will therefore find their prospects of employment in the region to be quite strong. Although ESL students in Australia and New Zealand come from a broad range of ethnicities, a significant portion of them come from Japan and South Korea, while others come from Italy and Spain. Depending on the school, contracts ranging from several months to one year can be obtained. Travellers holding a Youth Mobility Visa (e.g. Working Holiday Visa) can find short contracts with the option of extension.