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Africa Overview

There is a definite mystique attached to Africa. For many people, there is no continent on Earth as intriguing. In a country full of superlative camping spots, camping inside Kilimanjaro's dramatic crater has to be one of the best! Make your way across the rolling hills and vibrant colours of South Africa; enjoy the dramatic baobab trees; relax by a camp fire with millions of stars overhead; and appreciate the pristine region of Serengeti National Park. For those who dare set foot on its soil, Africa is a life-altering place. At times, it can be testing and arduous. It can challenge even the most well seasoned travellers and leave them frustrated. In spite of that, it is a country abundant in sensational scenery, awe-inspiring wildlife and warm-hearted people. Educators looking for adventure need look no further - Africa's scenic deserts, lakes, and volcanoes are yours to discover.

Prospects for Teachers

To this day, Africa remains the most underdeveloped and poorest continent on the planet. Consequently, many public schools are gravely understaffed and poorly resourced. Teachers can make a profound impact on the many disadvantaged children and adults by becoming volunteer teachers. Numerous non-profit organizations devote their time arranging volunteer projects dedicated to improving the living and educational conditions of the poor and disadvantaged. For educators looking for paid employment, start your search with Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia.